Turmeric Brown Sugar Scrub 4oz Jar
Rewind your appearance within days! Turmeric Brown Sugar Scrub gently sloughs off layers of dry, damaged old skin. It stimulates the natural blood flow and collagen to the face diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles. It naturally erases Crows Feet around the eyes & mouth, reduce oil production, lighten dark spots and leave your skin bright & glowing after the first scrub! Smooth rough skin patches and prevent ingrown hairs between shaves!Improves elasticity and exfoliates your skin back to its Natural Glow. Our Turmeric & Lemon Brown Sugar Scrub also removes Acne SCARS and decreases the appearance of large facial pores. Infused with light weight oils (100% ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL & COCONUT OIL) to help penetrate and moisturize skin, while removing dead skin & acne marks. We harvest & grind our very own turmeric powder using traditional secret technique to keep all nutrients. Organic homegrown Non GMO Turmeric dried roots. Our Turmeric has it's natural color. You will notice it's not bright yellow as synthetic turmeric. Its also superb for blackhead & whitehead removal around the nose and forehead. - Helps improve the texture & appearance of skin- Increases product absorption- Promotes skin cell turnover and rejuvenation- Naturally softens and evens skin tone- Reduces the appearance of celluliteNatural Ingredients include: hemp oil,  coconut oil, turmeric juice reduce pimples, wild lemon peel extract oil for a glowing even skin tone, rich organic unfiltered local honey, gently diffuse and lift away impurities, fresh lemon juice cleans and purifies lighten dark spots, as organic brown sugar gently exfoliates to increase circulation and vitality for a bright, healthy complexion.We Cold Processed to preserve vitality and nutrients and all natural ingredients are not destroyed by heat and will be able to maintain the highest level of activity. Handcrafted using the traditional and ancient techniques and may vary slightly in color, NOTE: If this product is transported or stored in a very warm environment (76 Degrees F or higher) it WILL melt. This will not change the effectiveness of the product, it will, however, cause the oils to separate and possibly leak from the Jar. Lemon essential oil is antimicrobial and a natural skin lightening agent. |   Tea Tree oil is thought to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.  |  Turmeric is a natural antiseptic, which helps stop bacteria that causes acne from spreading, helps fade dark spots, and promotes even-toned, glowy skin. |  Geranium oil’s astringent properties also help tighten and contract muscles. It can help prevent the skin from sagging and other signs of aging. Reduces Wrinkles:Geranium oil is a natural astringent that works to reduce wrinkles by tightening the skin. Enhances the Skin:Geranium oil can help enhance the skin by treating acne, dermatitis and other skin issues. Supports Cell Growth, Geranium oil helps recycle dead cells while supporting the regeneration of new cells.  |  Lavender is our reminder to be present, allow its relaxing scent to bring you into the here and now. The dreamy scent puts hair and mind at ease.Lavender essential oil can aid in skin lightening since it reduces inflammation. It can reduce discoloration, including dark spots. Lavender oil helps lessen blotchiness and redness. CAUTION : External Use Only. Bath Tub may be slippery after use. Oil will make any surface slippery. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use If Irritation or Itchiness occurs. Store in dry & dark place. Turmeric Warning : can stain any surface, cloths etc. DISCLAIMERPlease note that none of HBN Natural Products have been tested on animal or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All products are for external use only. Please perform a sample test on the skin for any issues, please discontinue immediately if any side effects. KEEP IN A COOL DRY PLACE!!!!

Turmeric Brown Sugar Scrub 4oz Jar

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