Egyptian Rose Deep Conditioner - 12oz jar - A deep penetrating conditioner for dry curls and coils, leaving hair soft & smooth. It provides great slip, which can aid in detangling. While providing it with the beneficial vitamins A, C, and E and nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy. Naturally Handmade with Mango Butter, Shea Nut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitiamin E Oil, and our Egyptian Rose Oil.  Absolutely smells like a bouquet of fresh roses. Hair regains its tone and body, and is left easy to style. Rose oil is a sacred oil used throughout the new world and the ancients. Highly valued in the Middle East. Our EGYPTIAN ROSE oil come from a rose bush that grows in plain site of the great pyramids of Giza on the edge of the desert. MANGO BUTTER has natural softening properties, and is full of nourishing antioxidants. It has a protective effect against UV radiation. HEMP SEED OIL Prevents Breakage, Promotes Hair Growth, Conditions, Softens, & Strengthens your hair. Your hair is made of up to 90% protein. Hemp Seed Oil, similarly, contains 25% protein and contributes to keratin formation during the initial growth cycle of the strand. This extra boost of protein from Hemp Seed Oil ensures that hair grows healthier and more vibrant. Hemp Seed Oil will prevent water loss and inject moisture into the hair and scalp. In addition, it is easily absorbed by the scalp and hair. Dryness and irritation are some of the most common scalp conditions. Hemp Seed Oil is full of Vitamin E, which acts as very strong conditioning agent to combat these symptoms. The lipids found in hemp seed oil also increase the natural elasticity of hair. Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids are necessary in the production of new growth and supply proper nourishment to the follicle. Hemp seed oil can also improve blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating new hair growth. When hair loses moisture, it can become very dry and break more easily. Hemp Seed Oil helps maintain the natural texture of hair, preventing water loss and adding moisture to the hair and scalp. This is especially important in drier climates or weathers, where hair tends to lose moisture more quickly. *SHEA NUT OIL Get the same benefits of shea butter in an oil form! Say goodbye to dull, dry hair with shea nut oil. Extracted directly from the nuts of the shea tree, this oil gives you the same benefits as shea butter; however it is easier to use as a deep cleaning conditioner and it's also added to our shampoos. Wash your hair 2-3 times with Egyptian Rose Shampoo. Condition the hair, and let the conditioner sit for 4-8 Hours (for Course Hair), Minimum of 1 hour for wavy-curly hair. Rinse, then squeeze excess water. Style with your favorite sealant! Please be mindful.. This deep conditioner is very thicken, little goes a long ways like all of our products. ONLY A DAB WILL DO YA!! This wonderful deep conditioner works for all hair types, including Caucasian, African & Asian.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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Egyptian Rose Deep Conditioner - 12oz jar

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