Eczema Butter - 8oz Jar

Our Eczema Butter makes dry skin a thing of the past, deeply softening while soothing any irritation you might have. It's rich in vitamins A, C and E, which help to maintain elasticity and suppleness in your skin. Eczema and psoriasis don't stand a chance against this butter. This whipped version is extra easy to apply, and is perfect for the whole family! Apply mornings, nights after a bath, and throughout the day as needed. Properties: Shea Butter - Sheep Grease - Bee Propolis - Chamomile - Black Seed Oil - Olive Oil - Neem Oil - Lavender Essential Oil. Store in cool dry place. No Expiry! 

Eczema Butter - 8oz Jar

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  • COMES IN YELLOW OR WHITE (shea butter)

  • This butter may melt when the temperature is high. Please store in a cool place. If this butter is transported or stored in a very warm environment (76 Degrees F or higher) it WILL melt. This will not change the effectiveness of the butter, it will, however, cause the oils to separate and will lose it's whipped butter consistency. This butter does not spoil, but some of its benefits decrease after 18 months.

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