Disinfectant Spray Hand Sanitizer 4oz Spray Bottle (glass)
Don't want to use the harsh alcohol that is in most hand sanitizers? We made this blend to protect you and your family. Our natural hand sanitizer, handmade with Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Witch-Hazel, Vegan Glycerin, Black Spruce Essential Oil and our blend of germ-fighting essential oils including cinnamon. Sanitize hands and more!  This Hand Sanitizer uses only natural power to kill germs! Dry skin will love this sanitizer which doesn't have to kill your hands to kill the germs. Aloe Vera gel is antibacterial and also acts as a soothing moisturizer. Witch hazel has antibacterial properties. Pure Black Spruce Essential Oil is well known for it's cleansing & healing abilities. One of the traditional organic oils used today is Black Spruce Essential Oil. This well-revered oil has been used by indigenous populations throughout time in North America. The natural healing oil is derived from conifer trees, or those trees that are part of the pine (Pinaceae) family of plants.While the needles of the spruce tree may not reveal much externally, both the needles and twigs are made of chemicals that provide amazing healing benefits. Native Americans from the U.S. and First Nations tribal members in Canada would travel long distances just to collect black spruce twigs and needles to boil and distill the extracts. Extraction was used to provide medicines for healing. This type of ancient wisdom is still passed down today. The oil, which is primarily derived from black spruce trees in Canada, Alaska, and the northern U.S., was used in former times by the Lakota Indians.This sanitizer has five different essential oils that have strong antibacterial properties and Pure Black Spruce just effective as alcohol. Clove, cinnamon, rosemary, tea tree, and eucalyptus, more effectively covering you in all areas. Full description @etsy #sanitizer www.happybeingnappyllc.com

Disinfectant Spray Hand Sanitizer 4oz Spray Bottle (glass)

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