Chebe Hair Growth Pomade - 8oz.

This pomade has been formulated with Chebe Oil that has no Chebe Particles. Handmade with Shea Butter - Mango Butter - Olive oil - Sweet Basil Essential Oil - Tallow from grass-fed cows. Traditionally, Chadian women use beef fat (tallow) with the Chebe Powder. The combination leaves hair healthy, strong and silky when used consistently. Can be applied to your twist-outs to prevent frizz and can also be applied to your edges. After your regular shampoo & conditioner routine, apply to lock in moisture. Enjoy! NOTE: Color varies slightly from photo to a darker or lighter shade of yellow. This butter does not spoil, but some of its benefits decrease after 18 months. Here's a list of benefits: Basil Helps to Rejuvenate Hair FolliclesBy stimulating the hair follicles, many that were not working or working improperly become rejuvenated and start producing healthy hair again.Increases Scalp CirculationPoor scalp circulation is a major hair loss culprit. Massage basil oil into the scalp, both the vigorous massage and the basil oil stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and help to stimulate and regenerate the hair follicles. Basil contains eugenol, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, and it is a good source of magnesium, which improves blood flow to the scalp.Strengthens the Hair ShaftBasil helps to strengthen the hair shaft. Brittle or weak hair breaks off easily and results in thinning hair.Antioxidants for Scalp and FolliclesThis herb has antioxidant properties. It contains two flavenoids (orientin and vicenin) that protect the chromosomes and cell structures from oxidation, which causes cell aging and death, and also protects the cells from radiation damage.Moisturizes and Restores Healthy LusterBasil oil is also a good moisturizer for the hair and helps restore luster to dry and brittle hair. NOTE: If this butter is transported or stored in a very warm environment (76 Degrees F or higher) it WILL melt. This will not change the effectiveness of the butter, it will, however, cause the oils to separate and will lose it's whipped butter consistency.  

Chebe Hair Growth Pomade - 8oz.

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