100% PURE Saw Palmetto and Ginger Scalp Stimulator for Hair Loss
100% Pure Handmade Saw Palmetto & Ginger Scalp Stimulating Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Prevention, DHT Blocker, Postpartum, Alopecia, Pre-shampoo, Hair Growth Oil stops hair loss by stimulating hair follicles to stay in the growth phase. This scalp stimulating hair growth treatment should be applied before shampooing the hair, Allow the roots of the hair follicles to absorb the oil and massage well. Make sure to leave the hair growth oil on your scalp for at least 20 minutes to one hour before continuing with shampooing and conditioning. Apply twice a week to support a restorative self-care ritual for your hair and scalp. 4 Fl Oz. Green Glass Bottle, with Glass Eye Dropper.Benefits of Saw Palmetto extract oil boosts cellular regeneration and extends the hair’s life cycle. This plant native to the palm family is famous for living over 700 years. It brings this same property to your hair by extending its growth cycle, calming hair-loss promoting hormones, and halting hormone-induced hair thinning. Ginger Root Oil Benefits for Hair - Ginger oil stimulating properties will enhance blood circulation in your scalp and conduce to faster-growing hair.  Ginger also helps with dandruff by reducing dryness and itchiness of the scalp. Ginger oil treatment will result in soft, clean and pleasant smelling hair. By our joining of Ginger Root extract and Saw Palmetto’s botanical properties in one bottle, along with other botanical ingredients, you enjoy hair follicle cell protection, reduced hair thinning, healthy new hair growth and thicker hair strands. The Ginger Saw Palmetto formula is also a form of aromatherapy used in multiple healing modalities to promote feelings of warmth, invigoration, flow, and over-all healing. Handmade with Pure Saw Palmetto Extract in Grapeseed Oil, Ginger Root Essential Oil, Organically Grown Ginger Root Extract In Extra Virgin OliveOur hair loss products promote the cell division in the affected areas and increase blood circulation around hair follicles to remain in their growth phase and reduce hair thinning due to a hormonal imbalance. Try our organic hair growth shampoo and other natural hair products.

100% PURE Saw Palmetto and Ginger Scalp Stimulator for Hair Loss

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